Thursday, 29 March 2018

A March Post


Before this month comes to an end I wanted to show you what I have been working on in March. 

It has been a busy month.Our younger son has been to visit twice,moved to live and work in Berlin,Germany with his dad helping to move his family belongings.
It was elder son's 37th birthday this week and I have been attending hospital and doctor appointments.

I have concentrated mostly on Little Moreton Hall #2,the result of which is a page finish.One of four pages.

                                  I was here on the 28th Feb

 This is one page done

I have stitched more since I took the second photo.That will be for next time.
I have a tiny bit of stitching on my Peppermint Pig.An incomplete motif and the start of another little pig.

 It is not that this one has not been calling me,it has but I have had concentration issues recently,mostly due to feeling rather under the weather. 
                         Edited on 31.03.2018 

Because of this  I have found knitting easier and very calming.
This is the knitting section.

My completed Sockhead Cowl knitted with Stylecraft Head Over Heels 4ply yarn in the Snowdon colourway.It is a free Boho Knits pattern found on Ravelry.
I have really enjoyed wearing this cowl in the cold weather.I am definitely going to knit another one.

I started a DK weight hat which will have a cable  pattern.It is called 
Clever Cables designed by Stitchnerd.This design is also on Ravelry and one which I purchased.

I can show the knitting I mentioned in my last post because I have given it to grandson Alexander's mummy and daddy.It is a 
Flax-Light Jumper designed by Tin Can Knits.Knit with Sirdar Snuggly 4ply yarn in the Bubba colourway.It is a free design and can be found on Ravelry.
I love the panels of garter stitch down each sleeve.It makes a plain jumper more interesting.I knitted the whole jumper with circular needles. I am very proud of this finish because I actually managed to get my gauge right before I started the jumper,something I have found difficult in the past.

I started a new sock.I find knittng socks very theraputic. The advent of self patterning yarn has revolutionised sock knitting.I just love seeing the patterns emerge and of course socks are useful :)
This is a stocking stitch sock with a patterned heel flap knit with 
Stylecraft Boho 4ply sock yarn and the colourway is Danube.

Are you still with me!!Thank you.This is a long post... I am knitting two more blankets with yarn from my stash.This one is the Hayfield Baby Sparkle Blanket knitted in Hayfield Baby Sparkle DK yarn.I cannot remember the colour.I knitted this pattern twice before and it is a favourite.

Finally,this blanket is knit in Stylecraft Life Aran in the Cardinal colourway. I am knitting another, new to me, pattern.It is a four row repeat and very easy to follow.I love the way is looks.I am knittng the  body of the blanket in stocking stitch but I wanted something decorative for  the top and bottom.
The pattern is from the Waffle Blanket designed by Alexis Layton who is on Ravelry. This is one of her free patterns.

Thank you so much for visiting and staying to the end.I will see you next month when I hope to have caught up on blog reading myself.

                                             Happy Easter  

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Nearly Two Months Into 2018

Hello again.

Here is my round up post for February.This month has been productive on  my Little Moreton Hall #2  project but alas my Peppermint Pig hit a snag,me!
I chose my next motif on PP found exactly where to start it in relation to the motif next to it and proceeded to stitch in totally the wrong place.
I think I decided where to start,went and answered the phone or something else distracted me.I came back and started on a different point of the motif I  was using as my guide.
A whole family of frogs visited because I had done a fair bit of stitching when I realised I was too close to another stitched motif.I had to take out a lot of stitching :(
I have  started a different motif because I was so fed up with myself.It goes to show that 24 years of experience did not stop me from making a silly mistake,I am sure it is not my last one either.
I hope to have some progress to show on PP by March16th.

Here is LMH#2 on 14.02.2018

and today

                                                    ~ I have been knitting.I started a new pair of socks last evening.I find them so relaxing to knit in front of the television.I am nearly half way through knitting a hat,another easy knit.
I have a couple of other items on my needles and a crocheted granny square which is getting bigger by the week,using up spare yarn.

I hope you have a good week,ahead and start March with crafty enthusiasm.
Thank you for dropping by.See you soon :)

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A Half Way Post

Happy Valentine's Day to you.

I am looking forward to catching up with everyone who is taking part in Jo of Serendipitous Stitching's, Valentine Blog Hop.There are quite a few participants this year.

I am posting a half way progress post today of Little Moreton Hall#2 and Peppermint Pig.
I have completed one of my motifs on PP and hope to keep to my target of two by the end of the month.

 I did not pick LMH up at the weekend because I had very welcome visitors.Our younger son,fiance and our beautiful grandson Alex.It was an unplanned visit but they came to see me because I have been very unwell.It was such a pleasure to see them all.They are moving to Germany next month,a great opportunity for them and somewhere we have not visited before,so we will look forward to visiting them when they are settled.

Anyway here is my LMH#2 half way progress for February..

                                                                on the 28.01.2018

                                               today 14.02.2018

I am gong to choose my next PP motif now and catch up with some of the Winter Olympics.
Thank you for visiting and I will see you soon:)

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Final January Update


January always goes quicker for me than any other month and this year is no exception.

I have,however,made good progress on my Little Morton Hall#2,which I started again on 10th January,not a difficult date for me to remember because it was my dad and my grandpa's birthday.

Here is my progress after three weeks stitching.

I have completed half of a motif on Peppermint Pig.

I am knitting too.I have something on my needles I cannot show yet,but I am enjoying it very much and learning about garment knitting at the same time.   

My aim for February is to keep to my LMH#2 on track and complete at least two motifs on Peppermint Pig.

See you next month,thanks to every one who leaves comments here and for visitng  to find out what I am up to:)

Sunday, 21 January 2018

WIP Stitching


I have a stitching update to share.
First I can show you my progress on Little Moreton Hall #2. I have, so far,stuck to my plans for this design and stitched on this for the last 10 days for at least 30 minutes and have found that I was enjoying it so much I put in about an hour on some of the evenings.So,after ten days LMH #2 is looking like this.The spaces will be stitched when I have decided which colour of white to use.


I have also added a couple of motifs to Peppermint Pig.I stitched the missing leaf on the rose motif and moved onto the ladder motif and then the tiny pig.

I am going to decide which motif to concentrate on after I have uploaded my post.

I hope you have a had a good weekend wherever you are and I will be back at the end of the month.

Thanks for visiting:)  

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas or a great holiday if it was not Christmas for you.

I am another year older since my last post.My birthday is at the beginning of January close to middle grandson who was eight on New Years Day.Eight is an age I can only dream of!! I  was 60 on my birthday.Both my sons asked me if I felt any different.I don't :)The only thing that was strange was seeing lovely cards with the big 6 0 on them,how did I get here so quickly!!!!

Anyway I had a lovely birthday,was thoroughly spoiled by husband and both sons who bought me an ipad Pro,with a 12" screen. 
I am set for the duration reading my pdf stitching magazines,stitching and knitting patterns and of course my favourite blogs.The sound system is not half bad either for my music. 

I had other gifts too,a lovely tree of life pendant from one friend with a little silver tag attached that says family on it,a gift card for Black Sheep Wools and two locally made scented candles from a dear friend who knows me well and a beautiful printed scarf from another close friend,depicting a Chinese wall covering in one of my favourite National Trust buildings,Erddig in North Wales.

A very special gift was the arrival of younger son,his fiance and our nine week old grandson on my birthday.They stayed for two days and it was a lovely visit.It was by no means a certainty that they would make it up here from London due to Alex's age and the weather,but they did :) and the little lad slept through the night both nights. He had just started sleeping through a few days before they came to stay.

I have spent the day 'very early spring cleaning' my stash,both knitting and stitching.I decided to declutter before I got into my projects properly for the year.It was well overdue and I feel tons better now. One or two started but not finished projects have been consigned to the bin.I want to concentrate on projects that give me the most enjoyment.

I will continue to stitch on my Peppermint Pig.

I have made a decision about Little Moreton Hall

Some of you will perhaps remember I was not happy with the white thread coverage where I was stitching quarter stitches in the lower part of the building.
There are many more of these in the second half of the design.This was putting me off wanting to continue with it.I think the stitches I have done in the slanted areas are untidy and that makes me unhappy.
I love the design and want to stitch it,so I have ordered a piece of 27 count Linda,the same fabric as the one in the kit except it is white rather than beige.
I can stitch the brown and black wood areas and leave the tiny white areas unstitched,they are so small,as are the fabric holes, that I think this may work.My aim is to stitch at least 30 mins five times a week on this design to make good progress.Fortunately the thread supplied with the kit is Anchor so there will be no problems with thread replacement.

I have still got my Prairie Schooler Santa to complete.Like Peppermint Pig he was put on the back burner while I stitched Alex's Satsuma Street sampler at the back end of last year.

I have so many Just Cross Stitch and the whole collection of The Gift Of Stitching on my computer as pdf magazines plus purchased pdf charts and free charts that I have accumulated over the last 24 years plus a number of physical bought charts,mostly Christmas themed, that 2018 is going to be the year of stash usage,no purchases other than thread when I need it.I feel it is about time I used some of the things I have purchased in the last few years.

That goes for my knitting too. In less than a year I have accumulated a pretty impressive yarn stash.The exception will be purchasing yarn to knit for Alex and one purchase for me with my gift card to make an adult jumper or cardigan.

Phew! Thanks for staying with me f you got this far,this is a long post for the first of 2018.
I hope to have some stitching progress for my next post.

Bye for now.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Jo’s Advent Blog Hop

Hello,it is my turn to post today along with my Advent partner Mia from Craftarista.

I stitched this sweet design in 2015 which is free design by Aliolka on her blog.

Jo’s question for us this year is do we have any plans for or traditions on Boxing Day.

My husband and myself  often see our elder son,daughter in law and our  grandsons on Boxing Day.
We used to walk across the road to my in-laws home when our boys’ were children and spend a few hours with their nana and grandad.
When I was a child we often went for bracing walks in the cold,not my favourite part of Boxing Day.I remember one year it was so cold and damp I ended up crying because my feet were frozen in my wellies.I thought they would surely drop off !!

I like Boxing Day,because like many others I enjoy the cold meat and left overs,an easy meal after the cooking on Christmas Day.It is a relaxing day for us.

Thanks for organising another great Advent Blog Hop,Jo.

                                                          Merry Christmas