Saturday, 16 June 2018

June Post


Here is my June post.It is a bit sparse because stitching has been slow around this neck of the woods.Still, I have a little progress to share.

Little Moreton Hall,a National Trust kit which I re started in January this year


Herbs and Spices designed by Ursula Michael a very welcome gift from Vickie of A Stitcher"s Story   blog.

I am enjoying choosing the colours for this one.I could not wait to finish the word Herbs before I started the word Spices. I am also back stitching as I go which I always do with these word designs.

I have a kit to show you.
I rarely purchase kits.
It has always been my intention to stitch the Avro Lancaster since I stitched the CSF165 Supermarine Spitfire.I just never got around to it and when I saw it was still available I took the plunge.
I would never have thought of stitching an aeroplane until my husband suggested it for my dad as a special present,nineteen years ago.

Some of you will have seen the Spitfire, here, in the past. I stitched it for my dad's 70th birthday in 2000,my very first stitching on 27 count fabric or anything smaller than 14ct aida for that matter.When dad passed away nearly four years ago I was given it back by my step mother.

I purchased the Spitfire kit in  Heritage Crafts shop, in Crewe if I remember correctly, in 1999.The shop has been online only for years so I ordered it a fortnight ago and it came within three days.

 This project is ear marked for starting after LMH is complete.


I have had a virus of some description which hit me in the middle of May and because my lungs are not working properly yet it sent my bp sky high and then after a few days it dropped like stone and is hovering in the low regions as I type.
Consequently I have had the attention span of a gnat,no energy or physical strength and stitching was just too tiring mentally and physically.
I am having blood tests on Monday which I am hoping will be all clear but if they are not at least I will know what is going on.

I have been able to knit when I am not too tired because there has been little or no concentration needed. 
*Knitting progress will be on my knitting blog at some point.*

I have taken the decision to have a break from this blog for the summer,if we haven't already had summer that is. 
By the time Autumn comes around it will be a year since my health took a turn for the worse and I am hoping it will have improved significantly by October this year.

I want to say,as always,thank you so much for visiting my stitching blog.I appreciate it very much.

Take care
Lesley x  


Wednesday, 23 May 2018


It has been a busy month,not least because we went away for six days staying with our younger son,his fiance and our gorgeous six month old grandson,in Berlin.The weather was great,and we saw a lot of the sights.I was initially nervous about flying but doctors assured me I would be fine.No need to wear flight socks while I am on blood thinning meds. and just take the same precautions I normally would.It is only a 2 hour flight,2 hours quicker by aeroplane to Berlin than to London by car from here.Seeing everyone was so exciting Alexander cannot sit unaided yet but is attempting to crawl.He wants to get into everything!

I have added quite a few stitches to Little Moreton Hall and started an exciting new project.
My blog friend Vickie,of A Stitcher's Story  whom many of you know,knows I stitch Ursula Michael word designs and asked me if I would like a pattern from her latest JCS magazine,a design by Ursula Michael.
It is this one.

I love it,so I said yes please and she posted it to me.I love it even more Vickie now I have started stitching on it.I am choosing my own colour palette which is half the fun of stitching Ursula Michael's designs.Thank you so much for thinking of me :)

It will fit right in,in my kitchen with Let's Do Coffee and Let's Do Tea.

I put the last few stitches in the small circular motif on Peppermint Pig and started a new motif which is not worth showing yet.

I have continued knitting on my two blankets and completed my first patterned sock this month,while starting another sock with a pattern which I decided to improvise as I went along.I absolutely love the yarn.West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply Gypsophila,and English Rose.I started the first sock on Saturday while watching the Royal Wedding on tv.

I baked a lemon and elder flower cake on Saturday before settling down to knit after receiving a not so subtle text message from my husband when he was at work in the week which contained a recipe for said cake. Just the recipe.Nothing else! He knew I'd know.
He did not see the wedding because he was working and I think the cake was what interested him the most anyway :)
It was a great success but in terms of artistry it bore no resemblance whatsovever to  the Royal creation.Ha ha
However, I will be making version I received,again in the future.

I shall finish my post with a small collage of Berlin pictures.Berlin bears are all over the place,decorated in different ways. Great fun.

and some of our garden which is a source of tranquility and great pleasure to me,including our micro pond.A stone sink once in our outhouse where I washed out and soaked terry toweling nappies 37 years ago..oh my goodness. I like this use much better.

I hope you all have a great Bank Holiday here in the uk and a lovely weekend everywhere else.

Thank you for visiting.See you in June.

Thursday, 26 April 2018



I have an update on Little Moreton Hall #2
I am loving this design all over again which is why it is my focus at the moment.I am hoping to get at least two to three pages done this year.I would like a finish but that may be being a little optimistic.I have slowed a little because life away from stitching has been busy,but I always look forward to picking this one up again.
Here is my update. 

From here in March

 To here

 I have done some more knitting too.

The red in this blanket is much darker,Stylecraft Life Aran Cardinal Red is the name,but I can never get a good picture of it.

I forgot my crochet update.I am starting again making a big Granny Square blanket.I miscounted with the one I was crocheting and as I had not got far I left it as it was and it is on the head rest of my chair at moment.
This is the new improved one:)I am using sparkly yarn at the moment and with the pink it looks pretty.

We had our patio relaid recently,just finished in time to enjoy the three days of lovely weather we had here in the uk. this month

I am looking forward to some more warm weather so that I can sit outside to stitch and knit and enjoy our garden.

It is not long before we welcome May.I turned 60 this January and I swear this year has gone ten times faster than any previous year!!!

Wishing you happy stitching and crafting.See you next month and thank you for coming to visit me.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

A March Post


Before this month comes to an end I wanted to show you what I have been working on in March. 

It has been a busy month.Our younger son has been to visit twice,moved to live and work in Berlin,Germany with his dad helping to move his family belongings.
It was elder son's 37th birthday this week and I have been attending hospital and doctor appointments.

I have concentrated mostly on Little Moreton Hall #2,the result of which is a page finish.One of four pages.

                                  I was here on the 28th Feb

 This is one page done

I have stitched more since I took the second photo.That will be for next time.
I have a tiny bit of stitching on my Peppermint Pig.An incomplete motif and the start of another little pig.

 It is not that this one has not been calling me,it has but I have had concentration issues recently,mostly due to feeling rather under the weather. 
                         Edited on 31.03.2018 

Because of this  I have found knitting easier and very calming.
This is the knitting section.

My completed Sockhead Cowl knitted with Stylecraft Head Over Heels 4ply yarn in the Snowdon colourway.It is a free Boho Knits pattern found on Ravelry.
I have really enjoyed wearing this cowl in the cold weather.I am definitely going to knit another one.

I started a DK weight hat which will have a cable  pattern.It is called 
Clever Cables designed by Stitchnerd.This design is also on Ravelry and one which I purchased.

I can show the knitting I mentioned in my last post because I have given it to grandson Alexander's mummy and daddy.It is a 
Flax-Light Jumper designed by Tin Can Knits.Knit with Sirdar Snuggly 4ply yarn in the Bubba colourway.It is a free design and can be found on Ravelry.
I love the panels of garter stitch down each sleeve.It makes a plain jumper more interesting.I knitted the whole jumper with circular needles. I am very proud of this finish because I actually managed to get my gauge right before I started the jumper,something I have found difficult in the past.

I started a new sock.I find knittng socks very theraputic. The advent of self patterning yarn has revolutionised sock knitting.I just love seeing the patterns emerge and of course socks are useful :)
This is a stocking stitch sock with a patterned heel flap knit with 
Stylecraft Boho 4ply sock yarn and the colourway is Danube.

Are you still with me!!Thank you.This is a long post... I am knitting two more blankets with yarn from my stash.This one is the Hayfield Baby Sparkle Blanket knitted in Hayfield Baby Sparkle DK yarn.I cannot remember the colour.I knitted this pattern twice before and it is a favourite.

Finally,this blanket is knit in Stylecraft Life Aran in the Cardinal colourway. I am knitting another, new to me, pattern.It is a four row repeat and very easy to follow.I love the way is looks.I am knittng the  body of the blanket in stocking stitch but I wanted something decorative for  the top and bottom.
The pattern is from the Waffle Blanket designed by Alexis Layton who is on Ravelry. This is one of her free patterns.

Thank you so much for visiting and staying to the end.I will see you next month when I hope to have caught up on blog reading myself.

                                             Happy Easter  

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Nearly Two Months Into 2018

Hello again.

Here is my round up post for February.This month has been productive on  my Little Moreton Hall #2  project but alas my Peppermint Pig hit a snag,me!
I chose my next motif on PP found exactly where to start it in relation to the motif next to it and proceeded to stitch in totally the wrong place.
I think I decided where to start,went and answered the phone or something else distracted me.I came back and started on a different point of the motif I  was using as my guide.
A whole family of frogs visited because I had done a fair bit of stitching when I realised I was too close to another stitched motif.I had to take out a lot of stitching :(
I have  started a different motif because I was so fed up with myself.It goes to show that 24 years of experience did not stop me from making a silly mistake,I am sure it is not my last one either.
I hope to have some progress to show on PP by March16th.

Here is LMH#2 on 14.02.2018

and today

                                                    ~ I have been knitting.I started a new pair of socks last evening.I find them so relaxing to knit in front of the television.I am nearly half way through knitting a hat,another easy knit.
I have a couple of other items on my needles and a crocheted granny square which is getting bigger by the week,using up spare yarn.

I hope you have a good week,ahead and start March with crafty enthusiasm.
Thank you for dropping by.See you soon :)

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A Half Way Post

Happy Valentine's Day to you.

I am looking forward to catching up with everyone who is taking part in Jo of Serendipitous Stitching's, Valentine Blog Hop.There are quite a few participants this year.

I am posting a half way progress post today of Little Moreton Hall#2 and Peppermint Pig.
I have completed one of my motifs on PP and hope to keep to my target of two by the end of the month.

 I did not pick LMH up at the weekend because I had very welcome visitors.Our younger son,fiance and our beautiful grandson Alex.It was an unplanned visit but they came to see me because I have been very unwell.It was such a pleasure to see them all.They are moving to Germany next month,a great opportunity for them and somewhere we have not visited before,so we will look forward to visiting them when they are settled.

Anyway here is my LMH#2 half way progress for February..

                                                                on the 28.01.2018

                                               today 14.02.2018

I am gong to choose my next PP motif now and catch up with some of the Winter Olympics.
Thank you for visiting and I will see you soon:)

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Final January Update


January always goes quicker for me than any other month and this year is no exception.

I have,however,made good progress on my Little Morton Hall#2,which I started again on 10th January,not a difficult date for me to remember because it was my dad and my grandpa's birthday.

Here is my progress after three weeks stitching.

I have completed half of a motif on Peppermint Pig.

I am knitting too.I have something on my needles I cannot show yet,but I am enjoying it very much and learning about garment knitting at the same time.   

My aim for February is to keep to my LMH#2 on track and complete at least two motifs on Peppermint Pig.

See you next month,thanks to every one who leaves comments here and for visitng  to find out what I am up to:)